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Pamela Jones


Owner of Deliberately Different Travel, LLC

Have you ever wanted to just get away? To explore the world and all its unique treasures? To live out your wildest dreams? Well it’s time we met--I’m Pamela Jones, and my job is to get you there! Some call me Pamela “Jamaica” Jones, because I love Jamaica, I am a Jamaica Specialist, and there is nothing I can’t tell you about Jamaica.

Born the eldest of two children and raised in beautiful Austin, TX, I did not start traveling to see the world until later in life, mainly because I simply did not know how to plan it out or how I could afford it. After my own horrific travel experience, I promised myself that I would make it my mission to help others have a “deliberately different” travel experience.  Combining over two decades of personal and professional travel experience, I have mastered the industry’s techniques and savings tips and would love to help you plan and execute your dream vacation at a price affordable to you. My first trip was to Las Vegas, other places I have traveled to are Cancun, Gatlinburg Tennessee, Destin Florida, Dubai, Los Cabos, Cozumel, Jamaica, Miami, New York, LA, Cayman Islands, and The Bahamas.

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By using a “pay as you plan” installment system to cover costs, we ensure your travel experience is covered from start to finish--including the details that most agencies tend to overlook. We at Deliberately Different Travel promise that whether you are a first-time traveler or an experienced traveler, your dream vacation will be a distinctly different, seamless, affordable, and well-informed experience.

So are you ready to start checking off the bucket list? Great! Give us a call!


Anita Daniels

Anita is a proud member of Delta Sigma Theta.  She was born in Waynesboro, MS but has been a resident of Austin, TX for the last 30 years.  Anita specializes in international travel.  Anita loves to spend time with her granddaughter, doing the work of her sorority (Delta Sigma Theta), traveling, running, and working out.  Jamaica and Los Angeles, CA are two of her favorite destinations.

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Shonda Clark

Shonda is from Austin, Texas and she specializes in Individual domestic and international travel.  Some of Shonda’s hobbies include Shopping, photography, brunch, and traveling.  New York and the Caribbean are some of Shonda’s favorite travel destinations. Shonda is also known as the research Queen, she will make sure you have all the details for your vacation.


Landis Edwards

Landis lives in Austin, TX and she loves to travel and share her travel experiences.  Landis specializes in couples vacations, family vacations, and groups.  She also focuses her attention on booking to the Caribbean as well as destinations in the  United States. Landis is the queen of last-minute vacation itineraries. Landis feels that referrals from her clients are a sign of satisfaction and confidence in the services she provides.

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